What We Do

At Career Bound, our main goal is to help people of all ages discover new careers and make connections with people across a variety of different fields. We do this through holding interactive events, creating a community with professionals across all different fields, and educating about different jobs on our Instagram and through our upcoming blog!


We hold webinars, interviews, and interactive workshops with professional across all sectors! Click below to watch our past webinars and learn more about our upcoming events!



We will soon be launching an online community where you can network with people from across the world in all different careers! This will be a place where you can ask questions, get clarification on different careers, or learn about new opportunities!

Image by Brooke Cagle

Informative Resources

We hope to provide you with all of the information you need to succeed in your future (or current!) career! Through our Instagram and our upcoming blog, you'll be able to learn more about networking, getting a job, and so much more! 

Image by Nick Fewings